Why Proc Mixed is Kara’s favorite SAS Procedure?

Kara Keller, a SAS user, is a Statistician in Health care company. She has the theoretical and practical training and research experience in conducting statistical analysis such as logistic regression, survival analysis, and repeated measures, etc.
Evaluated as a reliable teaching assistant who efficiently explained statistical concepts and analytical results to diverse, non-statistics undergraduate students and instructed them in using statistical software to conduct analyses such as Chi-Square tests, t-tests, ANOVA, matched pairs, and one-sample Z-tests.
In this interview, Kara explains why PROC MIXED is her favorite SAS Procedure.

In this interview, Kara Keller, discusses her work as a SAS user and shares some strategies and tips that anyone can use to become a top SAS programmer. She begins by talking about her educational background and her Master’s in statistics from Purdue University and her current career as a statistician at Abbott Laboratories in North Chicago and I work in the Diagnostics Division. She discusses her favorite SAS procedure, PROC MIXED in great detail and how versatile and flexible it is in handling mixed data, and having fixed and random effects, and its real world flavor of data. She talks about PROC MIXED’s flexibility and ease of use with different statements as well as how it gives accurate estimates like for standard areas.

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