This is the representation of data in a graphical and more interactive form. The data which is usually abstract is represented in a form that is easy to comprehend. Data visualization adds aesthetics to the information that needs to be conveyed.
There is a similarity between information graphics and data visualization, because of the need to pass across information that would be more interactive alongside the need for it to be functional.

The development of two-dimensional explanatory geographical tools by Renes Descartes symbolized some of the earliest forms of Data Visualization.
Modern application of data visualization has witnessed the utilization of more advanced tools that enable the use of both audio and visual channels in communicating essential details.

Data visualization helps to simplify large data that would be otherwise difficult to comprehend without the use of the proper data visualization tools. The simplification enables individuals who are not experts in a given field to be able to get some useful details about any data that is presented.
Time is also saved through the use of data visualization tools, the time needed to scan through a large data warehouse is now saved by the implementation of strategies responsible for the removal of unwanted information. The time saved is then channeled to other productive activities that would be of immense benefit to the growth of businesses and public organizations.
Data visualization also helps to gain access to a huge amount of data in a very little time, thereby portraying the attribute of an effective data organization, especially when a proposal is carried out for a product or service. Good data visualization makes it easy for business owners to seal business partnership as a result of good data presentation.

Data visualization tools enable data to look more appealing and not boring. The tools may require some programming operations during operation while some others would have no need for some programming functions. The following are some of the data visualization tools well known;

Fusion charts– This tool requires the need for some programming operation and also has the advantage of proper functioning across several devices.

Chart.js- This open source tool requires the need for some programming operation.

Leaflet– This tool which is mobile friendly and responsive, requires the need for some programming operation.

Raw– This tool which is interactive, does not require the need for some programming operation, thereby making it easy for implementation by individuals who have little or no knowledge of computer programming.

Infogram– This web based tool does not require the need for some programming operation, having both a paid and a free version with limited functionality.

Plotly– This web based tool does not require the need for some programming operation

Tableau– This tool allows for easy collaboration among several individuals in different parts of the world, the drag and drops attribute of this tool makes it easy for those with little technical expertise to navigate.

Just as sales persons understand the importance of the story about a product other than the product itself, data visualization is also as important as the message that is to be passed across. Adequate utilization of the right tools would give a good impression of the information delivery mode.

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