How to become a Top SAS Programmer By Sunil K. Gupta, SAS Books Author

Sunil K. Gupta, a Principal consultant, has been a SAS user since 1992. His impressive list of publications includes 2 books. He is specialized in teaching and mentoring CDISC and SAS Programming.
A. CDISC class: Mapping and Strategies (Raw to SDTMs, Mapping SDTMs to ADaMs, and Putting Together FDA Submissions – ODM and SDM)
His CDISC classes take you step by step from start to FDA Submission. The CDISC content is broken down in to components that make it easier to understand and apply for all levels. The class is unique because examples are based on real-world applications. The CDISC reference file makes it easier stay compliant by quickly accessing CDISC and FDA regulatory guidelines.
B. Founder of for smarter SAS searches
SAS® Savvy is the first SAS® Blog membership subscription based solution for your ongoing SAS programming challenges. I take the best SAS® resources on common and analytical SAS® Procedures and SAS® topics on the internet and centralize, standardize and catalog the websites and information to make it easier to find and apply. E-mail me for a free trial membership.
C. ‘Hands-On’ CDISC/SAS Programmer and Project Lead
By accepting challenging executive positions and collaborating with Biostats, his impact resulted in increased productivity and reduced expenses. His pharmaceutical and medical device CDISC industry experience and skill set includes strategic planning and project management of global SAS programming projects, analysis and validation of FDA submission analysis data sets, and summary tables, and developing and training standard operating procedures and technical content.

In this interview, SAS programmer Sunil Gupta talks about applying his programming mathematical skills in the in the medical field in areas of computer applications in the medical field, and medical device industry, and got involved in clinical studies, which led him to SAS. As with many programmers, he cites continuous learning as on of the top strategies he and other lead programmers employ over the course of their strong careers. He talks about consummate look for ways to enhance the skill set take a look at the blog’s that are hosted, making use of metadata, and the dictionary tables available that provides information on data sets, and variables that can be used with American programming techniques to make full views. He also speaks at length about his favorite SAS procedure: broadcaster. For him, broadcaster stands above practically any other procedure, and that’s mainly because PROC SQL is the only procedure that is closest to the power of the data step.

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