Interview with Lora Cecere, SAS Book Author

Question 1

Can you please tell us a bit about career path and any publications and professional communications?

Lora Cecere

Well, thank you for the time today. I started my career as a chemical engineer and worked in manufacturing for Procter and Gamble, General Foods, Clorox, Nestle and was very fortunate to have some wonderful experiences. And then I went and built software and the planning space for a company called Managestics and then I went to be an analyst first for Gartner Group then AMR research, and when AMR was bought by Gartner, I started my own firm.

Yes, so I write probably 3000 words; today I write for Forbes; I write for LinkedIn, I have about 230,000 people that follow me on LinkedIn. I write for my blog called the supply chain shaman, and I’ve written two hardback books – “Bricks matter” and “Metrics that matter.” And I also have written 4 soft copy books called “the Shaman’s journal” which are online.

So, SAS has done solutions in 3 areas in the supply chain; 1 is in demand planning, and they’ve got a very advanced console for demand planning; the second is in image brand management, and then the 3rd is in warranty and revenue management, around warranty. Deep analytics for those solutions and you know it’s good to have SAS on the market.

Question 2

Can you propose 3 valuable tips or strategies that are necessary to become a top SAS Programmer?

Lora Cecere

I think natural curiosity, ability to learn and you know just the ability for, data you know liking data. So I think those are 3 really important characteristics.

Question 3

Any closing words?

Lora Cecere

I think the ability to use data analytics is going to differentiate companies in the future, and I wish people well.

Thank you!

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