In this interview, Edward C Malthouse talks about the most valuable tips or strategies that are necessary to become a top SAS Programmer. With a Ph.D. is in statistics, he has a strong background in applying statistics to data mining methodologies, neural networks and artificial intelligence problems, and lifetime values problems. Currently the research director of the Spiegel’s center on database and digital marketing, he has a unique way of combining SAS with marketing and he shares some tips so you can do the same, such as: data prep work, understanding the intricacies of in-file and SAT, and PROC SQL. Edward also speaks about his favorite SAS procedure: PROC FACTOR and its ability to sort, reorder, and suppress loadings. In addition, Edward introduces his new book on SAS segmentation lifetime value models in which he gives a lot of practical advice on developing large scale segmentation systems – information you won’t find in most textbooks.

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