Sunil K. Gupta

Summary In this interview, SAS programmer Sunil Gupta talks about applying his programming mathematical skills in the in the medical field in areas of computer applications in the medical field, and medical device industry, and got involved in clinical studies, which...

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Art Carpenter

Art Carpenter is a top SAS programmer and author of five books. In this interview, he talks about his beginning with a Masters in Statistics and his path to begin using SAS first in 1977. Throughout his time as an independent consultant, he wrote the books. He did a...

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Marje Fetch

How to become a Top SAS programmer by Marje Fetch, SAS GURU In this interview, top SAS Programmer Marje Fecht shares some of the best tips, strategies, and techniques for becoming a top SAS programmer. There are three areas of focus she recommend potential programmers...

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A Tabachneck

Interview Arthur S Tabachneck, Ph D, SAS GURU In this interview with top SAS programmer Arthur S Tabachneck, Tabachneck discusses some of the most valuable tips, techniques, and strategies required to become a top SAS programmer. First and foremost, he suggests you...

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Susan Slaughter

This is an interview with SAS Guru Susan. She learned SAS in graduate school at North Carolina State University. She earned a Master of Science in cognitive” developmental psychology with a minor in statistics. She is the co-author of The Little SAS Book, which is now...

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Dave A Dickey is a SAS Book Author hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio. Along with Professor Wayne Fuller, he developed the Dickey-Fuller test, which has been cited 45,000 times in scientific literature. He has worked at both the NC State University Department of Statistics...

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Ron Fehd

Interview with Ron Fehd, SAS Guru In this interview, we speak with Ronald Fehd, who possesses a B.S. in computer science. He began contributing to SAS the spring of 1997 and as of 2017, he has published 40 articles on the subject. In the interview, Ronald Fehd talks...

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Jay Jacob WIND

Funny you should ask that because I have the 3 rules tagged to my door at my office. First one is never give up. We’ve invented so many ways to get SAS to do exactly what we wanted it to do. But your probably familiar with the cartoon of the pelican that’s eating the...

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Geert’s Interview

Geert Molenberghs got his start in mathematics, but quickly switched to statistics and eventually obtained a Ph.D. with a focus in medical statistics. His work includes longitudinal data, repeated measures on one, incomplete data, missing data, categorical data, and...

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Roger’s Interview

How to become a Top SAS Programmer by Roger DeAngelis, SAS GURU Roger has a Bachelors degree in Math from the University of Vermont and a Masters Degree in Statistics from Penn State University. Rogers primary interest over the last 50 years has been the psychology of...

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Tricia Aanderud

Summary Tricia Aanderud is an enthusiastic SAS BI leader who is passionate about empowering companies with #data #visualization and data #science ideas and #methods. As co-author of three SAS BI focused books ("Introduction to SAS Visual Analytics", "The 50 Keys to...

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Sunil Gupta

How to become a Top SAS Programmer By Sunil K. Gupta, SAS Books Author Sunil K. Gupta, a Principal consultant, has been a SAS user since 1992. His impressive list of publications includes 2 books. He is specialized in teaching and mentoring CDISC and SAS Programming....

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